A fight against the Ego

Naturally the ego and the logical thinking takes part in the process of self-realization and in understanding since it's important for you to have a basis for the wisdom that lies within you to appear so you can understand it. By seeing the depth of who you operate you can discover how the world operates in these insights. The understanding of the mind can gradually expand to have more and more intuitive and sensational understanding and one day you might realize that you have access to seeing the depth of people and processes you've never known or at least not in this level. At this point you are able to understand them and to accept why they live the way they do. You will see how they also belong to the harmony of totality that pertains to balance.

So you don't need to fight against your ego. Instead, you should use it to discover how was it operating throughout your life and how it is still fooling you in your daily life. Discover how can it mislead you regarding certain recognitions, so you can see who is it that you identified yourself with until now. Having it unveiled it won't be able to hide from you anymore, it won't be able to fool you, and there is only one thing going to be left: awakening. Thoughts and ideas disappear and the vivid world of the purest and simplest joy and silence opens up before your eyes.

But first take a good look at that ego and be honest with yourself. Is the one you see then really you?

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