Weekly webinars held live on different topics on spiritual awakening, consciousness, self-realization and non-duality with talks, meditations, questions and answers. Webinars are being recorded and are available to watch afterwords as well.

Your questions can be answered on the webinars even if you are unable to attend live. Please send me your questions, they will get answered and you will have access to them in the Webinar Library at any time within the subscription period.


These events have been held in Hungarian and will be now in English, as well. Streaming Live first on YouTube in full open sessions.

After the introductory period all future live and the recorded 1.5 hour webinars will be accessible through the NerellaToth.com website. Short video excerpts will continue to be posted on YouTube.


  • 10 Significant Challenges of Awakening
  • You should know these while Awakening - Internal World - Outer World
  • Your Whole Life Changes with Awakening
  • Self-acceptance, Satisfaction, Joy and Freedom
  • Wanting - Not Wanting, Clinging - Letting go, Completion - Fulfillment
  • Personality, Parental patterns, Being Present - The Basics
  • The Map to Awareness, Here and Now, Uncertainty - Determination
  • Signs to Know that it it Time to Awaken (Illness, Failure) and the Way Out
  • Happiness, Come Home!
  • How to Step Out of the Matrix
  • How to Love Yourself
  • Stop for a Moment and Start a New Life
  • Who or What is in Control of Your Life
  • Being Together, Being Alone, Oneness
  • ...

The Full Monthly Subscription gives you access to the following:

  • Live 1.5 hour webinars once every week
  • If you are unable to attend live you can access them in the Library
  • Continuous (24/7) access to the Webinar Library of previous recordings
  • Active participation┬á - Questions from you (in the chat window), answers to you
  • If you cannot attend live send in your questions in time, watch the answers in the Library
  • Audio recordings, meditations and articles published exclusively┬áin the Webinar Library
  • New topics every week in the vast field of Spiritual Awakening, Consciousness, and Non-Duality
  • Request topics you are interested in for future webinars
  • We contemplate and discover together the mystery and the reality of self-knowledge, self-realization and deepen together in our "inner-silence"
  • Presence is always present, Awareness is always aware on the Webinars

Technical Information:

  • You can choose between a One Time Subscpition and an Auto-renewal option in monthly cycles. The cycle can start at any day of the month and provides access for a full month starting from the first day of the Subsciption. (For example starting on the 4th of the current month and ending on the 3rd of the next month.)
  • Subscriotion can be instantly cancelled at any time by clicking here, or requesting a manual cancellation via the contact form on the home page of nerellatoth.com. Please keep in mind that manual cancellations might require a few days handling time.